The Housewife Gets Dirty: Hunting in a Swamp

This past Monday I went on my first duck hunting adventure. We road out to a familiar spot that my husband had been using for the past 3 months. When we pulled up to the edge of a muddy bank he says to me, “Just walk up to the front of the boat to get out”. Somehow that translated to, get out of the boat and walk to the front.

And into the mud I went. As I realized I was making a mistake my foot was already being grabbed by the mud and down I went. Mud up to my knees. I thought I could have stopped the process but in doing that I put my other foot out. Yep both feet, mud to my knees and my Husband laughing hysterically. In someways it was a good thing to get dirty right from the get go, everything that followed didn’t gross me out one bit. ~~~ And yes I smelled great.

Tell Me: What mishap took place on your first outing, that induced laughter?

Hunting Hiking or Otherwise?


2 thoughts on “The Housewife Gets Dirty: Hunting in a Swamp

  1. Paul says:

    Glad to hear you had fun even with the mud! This was many years ago, but first time out hunting fox in Minnesota (in the dead of winter) my buddy and I were tramping through the snow when all of a sudden I hear a crash and my buddy yelling. I turned around to no-so-politely thank him for sending every fox within a mile deep into there dens, and he wasn’t there! Looking down all I see is his head and upper torso sticking out of the snow He had found a tiny spring-fed creek that had topped over with about 4 feet of snow and the minute his beer-feed physique put too much pressure on the snow covered ice, down he went! Needless to say, that was the end of our fox hunting day…

    • A Girl & Her Gun says:

      “Beer Feed Physique” perfect visual. It was a fun day. I have a few more pictures to share and the rest of the day to tell, but it was fun. I am hoping to get back out before the season ends January 29th for Washington state. Maybe this time I will work up the courage to shoot the gun myself.

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