Closely Guarded Secrets: The Houswife Wants to Hunt Rabbit

We are taking a week or two to make plans and get ready for our next hunting adventures. Cottontail Rabbit and Snowshoe Hare season is open and that makes for a good excuse to plan some outings and hiking trips. I have been looking online for suggestions on where to hunt in Washington State for rabbit and it seems like that is too broad of a question. Then there are the forums I come across and the answers are like trying to find directions to the fountain of youth. No one wants to give up “their spot”, I get that I truly do. Especially if things are hard to come by, why would you want to give away your secret spot. And my only rebuttal to that is “Can you give me a hint, just a tiny hint?”

Cottontail in the Snow, from

Did you come across the same issues when you started hunting?

Were you lucky enough to have a someone give you a hint?

If you have suggestions on where to look it would be awesome if you left a comment below.



2 thoughts on “Closely Guarded Secrets: The Houswife Wants to Hunt Rabbit

  1. Enjay says:

    Yes and no. The local hunters that I know are more than willing to tell me where they hunt. They all either belong to a hunt club or they rent the rights to private land. *Sigh* the big problem that I have run into in the past is finding someone who will take me hunting and show me the ropes.

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