The Housewife Life, Army Wife & Job Hunting

From Housewife to Hunter, that’s me, Tehlia. I thought I would try to incorporate a little bit of my daily life in a weekly post. I want to keep this blog focused on my learning about guns and hunting but sometimes the season, weather and life get in the way and if I am not learning about those things then I won’t have much to say here. So, bare with me, I thought I would share my week.

This week involved not one but two new dogs to our home. We adopted Tyson last week Wednesday, he is doing great, and then we found another dog… Little Lucy. We adopted her right after leaving the Gun Show empty handed. She is adorable and so loving, a super snuggler and learning that Tyson is the best friend to have. Being about 2 pounds lighter and smaller then Tyson she has found that laying half on him is the most comfortable and warmest place to be. That and she LOVES my husband. Belly crawls to him and snuggles up to him once he gets comfortable in any room.

When we moved back to Washington State (Husband still in the Army) I took some time to get settled into our new routine of doctors appointments and everyday housewife living. He “The Soldier” has been going to physical therapy for a back injury and working on his TBI (traumatic brain injury) issues after being injured in an IED last year in Afghanistan all while getting ready to be medically retired from the military. With us getting out of the Army sometime in the next 8 months we need to start saving more money and prepare for life with less moving but more bills. November through January was spent making  sure my Handmade Online Boutiques weathered the Holiday rush and now that February is going well I am on the hunt for a job outside of the home and a steady paycheck. So two working interviews down at one office and feeling really great about it, I am waiting to see if they can “afford” me. I hope so. The Office is wonderful, bosses – coworkers – environment are all pleasant to be around. Everyone cross your fingers, toes and send out good thoughts, hoping they can say yes to my wage.

How has your week been?


9 thoughts on “The Housewife Life, Army Wife & Job Hunting

    • From Housewife to Hunter says:

      We are so happy. Still in honeymoon phase of dog love. Our house is definitely busy and full of “poopsie” love. After losing our Jeffery-dog almost 2 yrs ago we feel great about adopting and this home finally feels balanced.

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