A Little Light Reading. Women & Guns…

This Housewife is doing some light reading tonight. I picked up these magazines and the Northwest Safety First pamphlet last night. I went to the Sportsmans Warehouse “Ladies Night”.

The turn out wasn’t the 100’s they were hoping for, I blame that on Oscar Night. But the managers and sales clerks seemed pleased with the numbers that attended. I arrived around 6:28pm to find a line forming outside. That is always a good sign. Then the doors opened and we filed into the store. A manager gave a nice little speech and explained that this was the first Ladies Night for this location and how the drawings for the evening would go. Once he stepped down from a chair, tickets and roses were handed out.

I really had no expectations when I decided to attend. I knew I might purchase a few things if the sales price with “Ladies Night” discounts made it irresistible. I didn’t think there would be food, raffles every ten minutes and drawings for really great items. The hour and a half went by smooth, ladies screamed when they heard their numbers called for raffle prizes, sushi was had and shopping happened (more about that in a future post)

The best part of the evening… Meeting Glenda, at the Friday Harbor Gun Runners table, for the second time this weekend and WINNING the last prize of the evening. What was the prize? Attending an Oregon Concealed Handgun License class free of charge. AMAZING!!! Anyone who lives in Washington and has a WA – CPL (concealed pistol license) knows that traveling through Oregon is impossible on a WA license if you hope to carry. So thankful I met Glenda at the Puyallup fair Saturday and she told me about the ladies night.

Now a question for you… What Gun magazines do you read the most?

Looking for recommendations


3 thoughts on “A Little Light Reading. Women & Guns…

  1. Gracie says:

    First of all, looks like you had a blast! I wish the Sportsmans here in Souther WA did ladies night. I’m going to have talk to them about that.

    One of my favorite gun mags is combat handgun…but that’s in my niche. I think you would really like Garden & Gun because of all the recipes mixed in with the hunting stuff. 🙂

    • From Housewife to Hunter says:

      I have heard of Gard & Gun. Haven’t seen it at any of the book stores or mag racks here. But then again I wasn’t specifically looking. I did have a good time. I wish some of the ladies were a little more social. Maybe at the next one people will recognize faces and start talking more.

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