Safety Gear for Target Practice and a First

I have been shooting before at ranges, indoor and out, and of course all visits require some safety gear. But with those visits, very few and far between, I would borrow equipment. Believing I wouldn’t be back there soon enough to justify spending money on my own set of glasses or hearing protection, I felt comfortable with just borrowing the gear.

Fast forward one year and I have purchased my first rifle. Of course I need to pick up some safety gear that is mine all mine. Safety glasses and hearing protection (forgot to photograph the ear muffs I purchased) are a given and were the first things I tossed in my cart at the Ladies Night – Sportsmans Warehouse. I also found a holster for my S&W 38. I have been wanting to conceal carry more often but needed to find something that fit me a little more and would make me comfortable. A staff member helped me find and try out a handful of inside the pant holsters. I chose the Uncle Mike left hand, because it is reversed on the inside of pants. It is soft, comfortable but may require me buying my first leather belt.

The final purchase… and I laugh at myself as I type this because I never imagine myself saying these words, being excited about them or coming home to show them off as if I just bought a new pair of shoes. I picked up my first set of Camouflaged anything, pants and a long sleeve shirt. Being that I hope to go hunting I figured I needed to look like a tree and shrubbs sooner or later. The pants fit well, not like mens pants at all, glad some manufacturers are paying attention to modern cuts. And the top is a classic V-neck long sleeve t-shirt.


What was the first piece of gear you purchased,

leaving the rental fees behind?


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