The Housewife talks: Gun Show, My First Rifle & a Little Handmade

It is FRIDAY!!! Everyone scream and run around the room as if the last bell of the day is about to ring and summer begins. No, not that excited? Well maybe next week. It is time for the From Housewife to Hunter Week in Review. For me I can say the Gun Show was a blast (post coming) I felt out of place once and felt right at home other times. The Ladies Night went well as you can read in the post below. Oh and I GOT THE JOB that I had mentioned in Last Fridays post. I will give you a minute if you want to check those out……… Times Up

The fanpage has a new look. It does need some fiddling with and Facebook still needs to work out some bugs but I think it looks good. I especially like being able to Highlight and feature certain updates. Hope you stop by. Hoping to reach 100 fans and will give away a tumbler once it does.

This Friday, today, I actually start said job. I am excited to start something new in a new office with new stories to come home and tell. I have been a FULL-time housewife for 3 years and part of me is happy to see it turn into a part time job, but the other part of me, the controlling OCD “please wash the dishes right” part of me is slightly sad. But with time all things change and so does life. We are moving ahead in our Army Life by creating non-army associated things. The soldier is injuried and working his way through a Medical Board and as much as they try to give you a time line as to when a decision is made and he is retired you can’t count on that calender. I always say, nothing is final until you get a new ID card and have papers SIGNED and in hand. So prepping for the future is what we are trying to do right now. Yay to a job and new adventures.

On the gun front. I hope to shoot my Ruger 10/22 this weekend. For the past two shows I have been on the hunt for The Ruger. I saw it a few weeks ago in a shop and for the first time asked to see a gun without my husband doing all the talking, and then handing it over to me, I casually look at it and hand it back a second later. Not this time. It was the first time I wanted to hold a rifle in a shop, hold it, look at it and study it. I was official becoming a gun nut and since then I have been on a hunt, for a great price and to support a local gun shop.

Isn’t she pretty? I am still searching for the perfect bag to carry it in. I like the look of vintage hunting gear, duck/oil cloth and leather straps. What I can’t wait to do is make a pouch for my safety glasses and hearing protection. I know I won’t find what I want, so instead I am going to make it. I make a lot of things in my home, I am all about the handmade-shop-local scene. Here is a sketch of the safety glasses pouch so far, not sure if it will be an embroidery project or block print. But it will be my weekend, make something by hand, project for Sunday.

How was your week? What plans do you have for the weekend?

What will you be shooting?



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