Children, Guns and Accidents

In the past 3 weeks there has been THREE accidental shootings. Three weeks ago one involved a 3rd grader who thought he needed one for protection because he was “running away from home” and took his moms or her boyfriends gun to school. The gun was accidentally discharged and another 3rd grader was shot. She is still in ICU and undergoing surgeries.

A few days ago a small child found his fathers gun, a police officer, and accidentally shot and killed his sibling. And just this morning the news reported a three year old finding a gun in his home and accidentally shooting himself.

It is so hard for me to understand how a child can get a gun. How when a gun is in the home that there hasn’t been instruction to that child to never touch and if there has then where did the communication fail. With a 3yr old I can see it being difficult UNLESS THE GUN IS LOCKED UP! But in the case of the Police officers children I see no excuse as to why or how one was able to accidentally discharge a gun.

What do you think?

Are parents failing? Are these just “bad” kids that don’t listen to rules?

I blame the parents 100% I feel the police officer should be charge just the same as the other parents might for their misfortune and not educating their family members.


2 thoughts on “Children, Guns and Accidents

  1. stephanie says:

    I have 2 young children and they have both been instructed to never touch any gun. When they are playing with toy guns (Lego guns) they are not allowed to point them at people or animals and my husband reminds them of gun safety rules like keeping their fingers off the trigger. Also, we have locks(that you can get for free from the police department) on all fire arms in our house. And they are in a safe kept seperate from the ammo. I know that my son if presented an opportunity would play with a gun because he is 5 and that’s what they do. I am not willing to take any risks with my kids or anyone elses lives.

  2. Melissa says:

    I live in Colorado, and we have had several of these tragic situations as well. It is absolutely the parents’ fault. Parents need to educate their children about the guns in their house, as well as guns they may come across in other places. If a child is taught the difference between real life, as well as locking your guns up, there should never be a problem.

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