My First Time… Shooting a 300 WinMag

With instruction from The Soldier. I practiced looking through the scope at the target.

I loved it. The Browning 300 WinMag with a Nikon scope was a wishlist gun that The Soldier had been wanting. He was the first to shoot it. He loved shooting it and wanted me to try it. This is the Gun that on the facebook fanpage I mentioned that I was told by a sales clerk, at a gun shop we won’t mention, that “It is a great gun but you won’t be shooting it” with a girls can’t shoot big rifles tone to his voice. We quickly left that shop and found a better more friendly shop to give our money too.

Browning 300 win mag

We got to the shooting range and I was a little intimidated by this gun and recalling The Soldier telling me his shoulder was a bit sore after going through a box of ammo. Then he showed me the Ammo I would be using. “Reduced Recoil” 300 winmag was written across the package. My nerves calmed and the anticipation of a sore shoulder quickly went away. He didn’t want to imply that the Salesman was right about the rifle, he wanted me to have a good time shooting it so I would want to shoot it more often.

Our set up. Shell casings, sand bags and wood blocks

More instructions before finally getting to shoot

I have to say it was nice, nice to shoot and nice to feel the reduced recoil.  Before we left The Soldier showed me the difference between the regular ammo and my reduce recoil box. It was loud and made him move quite a bit on the table, I can only imagine the way it feels. But next time I will use the regular ammo and get used to the recoil. Actually really excited to try the real stuff.

What was the first gun you shot that you were a little intimidated by?


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