2013 Bucket List

A Bucket List for 2013

Last year I had a few goals in mind. But not a full list of things I wanted to tackle. The past month I have been thinking about some of the things and the number, the list is getting longer. Here it is, from housewife girlie things to accomplish, up to hunter gun things to learn.

Screen shot 2012-12-23 at 11.25.07 AM

  • learn how to make cheese
  • get a pressure canner to jar veg and soups
  • jar, can and “put up” more than last year
  • perfect my Salsa (red and green) recipes
  • create awesome duck recipes
  • target practice once a week for “fun”
  • write crochet patterns *to sell and get published
  • Find and buy acres of land for our future home we want to build
  • save money (always on the list)
  • train for 3 gun competition *this is a long way off but I will train
  • get our “Go Bags” in better shape

It’s a start. What are your plans for the New Year?


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