January 2013: Is your glass half full?

I have my bucket list going. You could say my resolution for the new year is to complete my bucket list. As for 2012 and the past few years… they have been interesting, scary and fun. Frustrating, adventurous, sad and loving. So many things have happened during my husbands Military Career and this year (2013) will be our last with the army. I have to honestly say it can’t end fast enough. He joined to fulfill his duty and love for all things Army, he has deployed, been “blown up” by an IED and returned home to tell me about it.22 long rifle ammo

Now with 2013 at our door and new adventures to conquer we are starting to see the Glass Half Full. Waiting on a medical board to make decisions has been the frustrating part, causing us to start and stop our planning several times. But that can only carry on for so long, and this year, the next 6 months will bring us to a place where plans can be laid, written out and acted upon.

22 long rifle bullets in a Jar

I CAN’T WAIT for 2013!!! Is your glass half full this year? I hope it is.


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