Creating A New Look for 2013

old side bar images & linksThe site is getting a small make over. The banner has a new font and decorative detail. The other bits I am changing… the side bar links and the images in front of them.

My site is picture heavy, 98% of the pictures I post are taken by either myself or my husband and I love to share them.

So I thought the side bar images could be more of a reflection of our style and a lot less cluttered. Also cutting down the categories and making them a little more simple and straight forward.

I liked the old side bar, pictured on the left. It is bright and gives a link to each category and section of the blog. But that meant some sections only had one blog post behind the link, not very useful really. And the header image was nice too but I felt it needed a change and something more.

Keeping the site about first times: hunting and shooting, I plan to include more first time “Housewife” homestead/pioneer subjects.

I will be adding more homemade meals, Cast Iron cooking firsts, creating new recipes, trying time tested recipes, canning, dehydrating, mini farming and new kitchen gadget finds.

the site in 2012

So, with 2012 coming to an end today and 2013 beginning in just hours, I say farewell to the old and hello to a brighter and much improved From Housewife To Hunter.

New Side Bar Images

New Side Bar Images

What do you think about the new Header and the new Side bar Images?

New Header Banner for 2013

New Header Banner for 2013


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