Jake’s World: 7 Months old & a New Years Eve Vet Visit

Jake’s world has gotten big lately. To include himself growing up and becoming so handsome. He has been out duck hunting with his favorite Soldier and successfully bringing back birds from the water and land. Amazing to watch him work and learn so fast.

Jake in his canoe at 4 months old

Jake in his canoe at 4 months old

This week we have had a pretty good scare with him. On Thursday Dec 27, 2012 we noticed he was looking a little blue. Not his happy wiggly self and wanting/needing to have lots of hugs and snuggles. By Friday his was screaming in pain when he moved from laying down on the floor to standing.

Jake 7months old looking out the front door

Jake 7months old looking out the front door

A vet visit lead us to believe he had a back injury and nothing more. Loaded up with a few bottles of pain meds we came home. Saturday started with wiggles and ended with a little discomfort. On Sunday we had a  somewhat playful Jake back.

Then came Monday and the moaning and howling started again. New Years Eve began with The Soldier and I consoling our hurting Pup. By 1pm we were calling our vet and at 3:30pm I was sitting in the back seat of the car holding a very scared and in extreme pain 52 pound puppy on my lap while The Soldier drove our local vet. They then rushed us over to see a Neurologist.

Right away the Doctor came in with his family dressed to celebrate New Years. They performed a CSF Tap (spinal tap) to draw fluid and run tests. Jake has now been in the Animal Hospital for 12 hours and he has Meningitis. We have been told it is treatable but he isn’t out of the woods yet. The vet also told us we did everything right and listened to our Dog, and followed our intuition, however, we can’t help to think we could have done something sooner.

Read more about Jake’s World HERE.

This article was the most helpful and put everything pretty simply if you are interested in reading up on Dogs and meningitis.


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