The Housewife: Chicks with Guns, the book

Although this book has been out over a year, it is my first experience with it and I have to say… Best Gift from this past Christmas.

chicks with guns

chicks with guns

I have been coveting Chicks With Guns by Lindsay McCrum for quite a while. Mentioning it to The Soldier but not wanting to shell out the dollars to purchase it myself. Finding it this past December unopened and on display I couldn’t resist picking it up and showing it to The Soldier.

Chicks with Guns

Next thing I know we are up at the counter paying and I was walking out of the store a very happy girl.

Chicks With Guns

The images are beautiful of course, but the back story that each woman comes with is really great. Warning about the write up… small print. I know the images, the photography is the main focus of the book and I love every one of them. But man did I need a bright light and possibly should own a pair of glasses. Nit picking aside I am still thrilled to own it.

Chicks With Guns

Beautiful Photography & Amazing Women

Chicks with Guns


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