The SHOT Show 2013: living through others

SHOT show


It wasn’t until 4 months ago that I first heard of this “Shot Show” thing and had no idea what was being talked about on facebook and twitter. Finally doing a google search and asking question lead me to my answer with a resounding I WILL GO TO SHOTSHOW in 2014!!! After going through the SHOT show website I have discovered that I need to be a Professional either in the gun industry or media. And seeing a few blogging friends making their way to the show leaves me hope. If I can’t become a professional shooter or get into gun retail in the next 11 months then perhaps blogging (media) can get me in.

So being that I couldn’t make it to this years SHOT show I am living through other blogs and industry folks who were fortunate enough to attend. Here is a very short list of blogs and there SHOT Show posts.

The Friearm Blog

I’m a Rife Gal. What Can I Say? on The Firearm Blog


SHOT show: Space Camp for Gun Nerds from RebeccaGuns


SHOT show 2013 day 3 from MONDERNO

Guns & Ammo

SHOT show: New Handguns for 2013 from Guns & Ammo

Gun Noob

SHOT Show Report: Day 1&2 from Gun Noob

This year I am training for 3 gun competitions. I hope to post a lot about the different guns I shoot and the add-ons my trainer aka The Soldier thinks I need. Should be fun. SHOT show 2014 who’s coming?


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