Mini Farm: Chicken Eggs & Snow

When October hit the Pacific Northwest and Washington State, the rains come in and the chickens shut down. We are first time chicken owners and everything since getting them months before has been a first. From trying to construct a beautiful chicken coop to realizing the chickens didn’t care what they lived in, so we adapted and build something strong. But when the chickens stopped laying eggs completely we were a little unprepared.

free range chicken eggs

eggs from 5 different hens

Thanks to google, friends and some quick reads The Soldier hooked the chicken coop up with a light set to a timer giving them 14 hours of warm light every day.

Organic all natural eggs

amazing eggs in a crocheted bowl

We are now getting 3 eggs a day from our four ladies and let me tell you that is 1000x better then nothing.

The great part of having your own egg laying hens… seeing all the hard work you put into protecting them and feeding them live food (to free-ranging while on coyote watch) result in the most beautiful deep yellow/orange yolks you will ever see.

cracked egg

Oops, photo taking accident. But look at that vibrant egg yolk and clear “whites”

We are so happy our ladies got back into the swing of things and winter has been conquered for our first year of chickens. Now if I can get the ladies to hold still long enough I might have pictures of them to share.

I am sure there is a lot of debate over whether you should alter a chickens natural cycle. I agree that nature should take its course and we should accept what we get. But on the flip side of that, with every day that goes by that an egg or 3 are not produced, is a day that we dumped food and shelter down the drain. It cost money to keep them safe and feed. For us that means they create a debt to be paid.

Do you keep chickens? Do you supplement light?


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