At The Gun Show: Prices, My eyes almost fell out of my head

We woke up at 6:00am on a bright sunny… no, just kidding. We woke up at 6:00am on a typical Western Washington, Pacific Northwest January morning, to get to the gun show before the rest of the population had their wheaties and washed their hair. Dogs rushing around, excited we were awake and feeding them early only to be disappointed when we walked out the door without them. Driving past the front gates of the Puyallup Fairgrounds, The Soldier and I smiled at each other. Knowing without having to say a word to one another that we made the right choice. There was already, 150 people or more, building a line at 7:20 and the show didn’t open until 8am.

223 ammo

223 AMMO booths asking $1.00 per round

Being that we were 2012 members and expired I thought we would have to wait in line, so we headed towards the end. Before we could get there a woman was announcing that 2012 members and current members did not have to wait in line. An invisible High Five passed between The Soldier and I. We quickly turned around and headed to the front. Our excitement was squashed a little once we walked through the gate and saw 100 more members in a roped off area. Instead of waiting outside the gates in the cold we waited just inside the gates in 33degree COLD. But excitement was building, people were chattering from the cold and about what they were hoping to find. AMMO mostly.

Sure Fire 60 rnd Magazine for $249 ~ photo from midway USA

Sure Fire 60 rnd Magazine for $249 ~ photo from midway USA

Right at 8am the rope dropped and a few people in the very front of the crowd took off running. Seriously! Running towards the front door. We noticed a few folks cut out of the crowd and move towards a side door. The Soldier grabbed my hand and off we went. That side door dropped us in front of the running herd and right next to the Ammo Booth.

Draco Booth asking $1750 ~ photo:

Draco a booth asking $1750 ~ photo:

Never before was there a specific spot to wait in order to be served. Normally like all other booths you walk up get a sales person attention, ask your questions and either make a purchase or walk away whispering under your breathe. Not this time. Red Tape. Big Signs and a man calling out to wait behind the red line. The soldier and I looked on the ground and quickly stood behind one other man. Before we were called up I looked behind me. By 8:15am the line was out the side door we came in and wrapping around the side wall. Looked like 80 people or more not including couples and kids.

Booths were asking $50.00 ~ Photo from midway USA

Booths were asking $50.00 ~ Photo from midway USA


OUT of AMMO: 5.56 and 7.62, with no info on when they would get restocked.

At least we could still grab the next items on the list. Training ammo I would need for my M&P 15-22 and picked up reloaded 40Cal. Great tactic to be OUT of something and have a line going around the building. We did feel a little like we needed to by something because who wanted to wait in another line.

.22 LR brick $33.00 photo from midway USA

.22 LR brick $33.00 photo from midway USA

Feeling a little better and heavier we walked the show floor. One man was selling 30 round magazines for $60.00. Whenever I heard him say his price, it was quickly followed by the sound of the magazine touching the table again.

Every Booth had something to laugh about, look in shock at or wonder how they can raise their prices so much. One Ammo booth had sold out of all the usual things and was bringing out the ammo they typically leave at home. We picked up 300winmag from that table that wasn’t over priced.

The average price of items had tripled since the last gunshow in December ~pre gun ban talks ~ definitely kicking ourselves for not buying then. But prices will drop, hopefully soon, and the cycle will repeat itself.

Any shocking moments from your last Gun Show experience?


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