About The Housewife

From Housewife to Hunter is a Girl, Woman, Daughter, Mother to 2 and Wife of a Wounded Warrior. We have recently moved to a farm about 40 minutes away from a small town and an hour away from the nearest Wal-mart.

Our story begins over 16 years ago when I met my husband (Daddy O) who was a soldier in the US Army, while I was on vacation in Hawaii. After four months of a long distance relationship, I purchased a one way ticket back to Hawaii, where we married a short 8 months later. Fifteen years of marriage have now flown by and we are finally getting around to growing a family. After Daddy O was injured in Afghanistan we parted ways with military life and have shifted our focus, downsizing to the bare minimum, living on a farm and creating new dreams with our babies. 

From hunting to homeschooling and stories of our chickens I hope you enjoy the site and visit often.

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7 thoughts on “About The Housewife

  1. KP says:

    Love your blog. I too am a 30 something wife & mom learning about guns and shooting. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to learn more about shooting and have finally happened upon the perfect one… I am dying to go out on my first hunt, but I’m finding it’s very difficult if one’s a novice with no real hunter “connections”. Best of luck and enjoy the shooting sports!

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