Guns & Such

Rabbit Hunting, Rifle Wishlist and a Baby Shower

Although the planning and finding of a secret rabbit hunting spot has been stalled I did manage to find my wishlist rifle… CONTINUE READING


How to Boycott a Boycott. Get Your Starbucks On.

This Housewife from Seattle remembers a couple years back when the decision was fresh on the minds of Starbucks drinking people. The decision that each Starbucks store would… CONTINUE READING


Guns on the Red Carpet

 The Grammy Awards red carpet was the last place I thought I would see anyone armed with something more then a purse and diamonds. Of course there was a lot of shock… CONTINUE READING


Getting Ready for the Gun Show

It is Saturday in Western Washington and we are heading out the door in a few minutes to a gun show. I am on a mission to find… CONTINUE READING



The Housewife Goes to the Gun Show

Finally got my Ruger. Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures of anything at the Gun Show… Rules are Rules. So I snagged this photograph in the car… CONTINUE READING


A Little Light Reading. Women & Guns

I picked up these magazines and the Northwest Safety First pamphlet last night. I went to the Sportsmans Warehouse “Ladies Night”… CONTINUE READING


Safety Gear for Target Practice & a First

I have been shooting before at ranges, indoor and out, and of course all visits require some safety gear. But with those visits… CONTINUE READING




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