Mounting a Deer: That’s one way to do it

I am an Artist. Writer. Creator. And tinkerer of things made by hand. You can most often find me Crocheting a scarf, blanket, washcloth or something cozy. Making random dinner creations. Writing in a journal, tapping on the computer (editing pictures) or chipping away at a sketch on rubber to make a stamp. This weekend I found some wood rounds that were small enough to place a clock face on or OR!!!! A deer.

Deer Sketching

Digging through magazines I found a few examples and started in on a day of Mounting a Deer Head. These two rounds started as a sketch, then it became a large stamp and on wood with a painted blue stripe, it became ART.

Hunting Art, Wild life art, Deer mount

Do you have hunting art around your home? Do you buy your art or make it?


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