Jake’s World: Sick Puppy Update

On new years eve Jake got very sick. It started a few days before with him not acting like himself. Needing lots of hugs and snuggles, then a few days later taking a turn for the worse. A vet visit and a couple thousand dollars on the table he is well and acting more like himself every day.

Meningitis has taken a toll on him, making him a little different then before or it could also be that he is just a month older, and entering Griff terrible teens. Either way, he still needs hugs, likes to wrestle with The Soldier and can’t get enough of being with us. He missed out on the final weeks of Duck hunting due to being sick, so he is understandably a bit blue from not getting quality time with his hunting buddy.

Jake 8 months old

Jake 8 months old

This month we are planning to get him back into training. Learning commands and getting a ton of time outside with his favorite person “The Soldier”.

Recently we have had a few great moments with fellow Griff owners and have come to the conclusion that… We are crazy about our dogs. Funny things that Wire Haired Pointing Griffons do:

  • Talk: they talk when bored, happy, sad, thirsty and just lounging. The talking isn’t whining it is talking. A low mumble moan that can sound like singing or humming. Funny sometimes and annoying at other times. The moments that are funniest, if we join in on the “talking”
  • Hugs: a griffon hugs two ways. One is a nudge & a lean on the thighs. The other is his WHOLE mouth surrounding my forearm. Not tight, not biting, but holding, hugging, my arm in his mouth and looking up at me in a way that says I Love You.

When I mention the “hugs” to other Griff owners it’s as if you can see them relax with relief that they aren’t the only ones who let their dog bite them.

What (only a dog lover would let happen) things do you let your dog do that says “I love you”?

**read more about Jake’s World here….


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