Our First Set of Baby Chickens

baby chickens from coastals

We received our first dozen baby chickens this week and we are beyond excited about them. The real excitement was how well Big D took to them. Wanting to get as close as he could and touching them right away. So glad he is a gentle toddler and extremely curious but cautious at the same time. We are still living in city limits so at the moment we are breaking the law – breaking the law, but it’s temporary and we should have them up in our new home in a couple weeks. ¬†For now they are hanging out in a cozy garage and hopefully loving all the attention they are getting.

farm kids first baby chicken

We are starting with 6 Rhode Island Reds and 6 Plymouth Rock hens. We plan to keep adding to our flock once we are outside of the city.

chick rhode island red FHTH


Updates: New Home, New Town and Two Additions

The blog is getting a face lift. Some updating of the site needs to happen because there is quite a bit of updating to our lives that has happened. The past two years have been exciting. My husband, “The Soldier”, has retired (medically) from the Army, we moved from the big city to a small country town in Eastern Washington and we now have two small people in our home. Big changes.

photo credit: Kady Photography

photo credit: Kady Photography

I am hopeful that I will eventually get outdoors to hunt sometime soon, but the honesty of the situation is, well, breastfeeding a newborn and chasing a toddler (1yearold) while keeping a house and husband happy take up most of my time. Excuses aside I hope to still provide a newbies view on hunting, guns, working hard to get to our dream home and now introducing kids to our new country life. But for now it is nap time for a particularly grumpy teething toddler and a feeding is due for a 2 month old baby girl.